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Balance transfer is a facility that offers the customers with choices to transfer the outstanding balance of the loan that has already been availed at better terms and conditions. This facility helps to move from a higher interest rate to the lower rate of interest and increased loan component like top up.

Balance transfers are of 2 types

  1. Home Loan BT with additional Top up at same rates
  2. LAP BT with top up at same rates

Key Features of Balance Transfers:

  • A wide range of products with attractive floating and fixed rate of option to choose from
  • Additional top up loan amount to 100% original home loan rates and amount
  • Refinancing of your existing Home loan, Mortgage loan or consolidating a number of debts to get easier on financial burdens
  • Our services help you to restructure the way you finance and achieve the maximum benefits from the scheme.

No need to let your valuable property sit idle, make it usable and acquire a loan against home or property you own through LoanTalk’s Loan against Property product and use it for the purpose you want, whether acquiring an asset, for personal business needs or anything.

We offer two variants of Loan against Property -

  • A) Loan against Residential Property/ Plot
  • B) Loan against Commercial Property/ Plot

Eligibility for Loan:

  • The loan can be availed by Self employed professional, self employed non professional and salaried individuals.
  • You can acquire the loan for your personal needs like education, marriage, personal travel, acquiring assets etc against property or home that is acceptable to us
  • Min and Max Loan Size – Avail loan from '15 Lacs up to '10 Crore
  • Tenure – Loan tenure of up to 15 years
  • Balance Transfer your existing loans with an additional loan amount
  • Maximum Loan Amount
  • Best deals from the market
  • Easy Documentation